I guess this is a small introduction to this new blog on FuckForForest. That will be dedicated to signs and news clips about how we are moving towards the end of human excistens and maybe planet earth as we know it.  

Mostly news clips that are floating around on the net. Signs that show us that we are close to the end. If you have watched something that need to get high lighted pleas post it in the comment under. 

If you like to have a simple life with no worries about how the future looks like, I do recommend you not to read any more of this blogs posted.

I do not know where to start this journey.

If it make you feel a bit better, we are not a doomed day sect or any thing. Just a regular human slightly pissed at how the development went. We could have been part of something beautiful. I guess destroying the planet and watch it burn and every one included is kind of cool as well, if you are into goore and stuff.

Get ready, it is going down and there is no way we can stop it.

Do not be afraid, you would have died in any way. We where all born to die. 

Humans devolved from kind of ok nature honoring creature to a totall fuck up. 

Yes for sure nature have always been kind of crawl. Try to tell the wolf or a tiger to become vegetarian. It is not going to be that easy.

Some people say that before everything went wrong all animals was vegetarians. I guess I do not totally buy that story. But I do not think humans always was this crawl and stupid as today.

Where did things go wrong in human evolution ?

Now we are living in time-era where you have to treat grown up humans as if they are still going trough puppetry. The Ego is praised and feeded constantly. 

This is todays question to you guys.

Where did humanity take the turn away from honoring nature and praising balance and honer was something people died for ?