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Welcome to FFF
all nature lovers - future members and erotic activists!



Become a supporting member and get excited for protecting our planet.


Saving the planet is sexy!

WELCOME - horny nature lover!

You are bored by commercial erotic entertainment? You still wish to masturbate, or just watch natural bodies - but feel shame for not being out there planting trees?

You got to the right place! 

We are amateurs, nudists, erotic activists and artists from all over the planet, donating our sex & nude photos and videos to FuckForForest - for the whole world to watch. We do not get payed for doing this - we are erotic activists. The money we collect is used for nature protection and ecological development. We do this for fun - and also as a protest agains the double moral standards of values that we think is part of destroying our planet. Liberation of nature starts with us - and our nature. 


FFF work to collect money for ecological projects - while giving you a natural view - on the creative forces of sex, nudity and activist porn - as a contrast to the destruction of nature.  It is all made by erotic activists - and members donating money to see our real erotic adventures. All profit is invested in ecological development - worldwide!

Fuck For Forest was founded in 2004 - and have been doing fundraising for ecology since then - in a very sexy way!

After 15 years - FuckForForest have become a community of over 8,000 erotic nature lovers and erotic activists - from all over the planet. We all share our love and sexy photos and videos - for a ecological erotic change.

Join our porn tribe!  


Don’t worry, even if it could seem like our common human time on Planet Earth is heading towards its end, FuckForForest will be there with you - entertaining you during these times of crisis and climaxchange. 

See the sexy documentary about FFF for free 

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A documentary, from the startup of the world's only real social ecological porn project

- also known as  FFF.

Follow the gonzo story of Leona & Tommy - creating fuck for forest. Armed with low-fi equipment and sexy attitude, FFF collects money for saving nature, while learning about the power of sex and nudity - facing the sad reality of nature suppression.


Ecological Porn.
Hotter than climate change!

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