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Nature and native Reserve

FuckForForest donated in Total:  215000 Nok

  • 2009: 215000 NOK To help to buy land and protect it and the family's living on the land.


Project finished and we just hope that the forest stay protected and that the animals and humans live in harmony.


Indian Reserve for the forest and the animals


By making an Indian reserve you make the nature protected, no people that want to exploit the natural resources are able to enter. Not even the Indians living there are allowed to cut any tree. The organized churches are also not allowed to enter the area.


End of 2009 we got an e-mail from a girl called Valeska. She wrote and told about how 5.300 squares kilometers of forest and an Indian community was under threat to become a rice farm if no one helped. FuckForForest decided to donate the missing money to protect this land and people living there.


Letter to FuckForForest

Hi, My mane is Valeska and I live in Brasil, extrem north of the country,in the rain forest (amazonia) and about 2 years ago an indian community from here had problems because the government made an agreement with a company that plants rice to sell an area of land to this company. But this indian community lives a long time there, taking care of the nature. So if the government sells the area, the nature gets turned into a rice farm and the indians will have to leave.

So me and an anthropologists friend that works with that indias decided to do something to help tha indian community, so we and some other friends started a campain to get money to buy that lands to the indias and make an protected indian reserve.


So we fight for it for about 2 years, and now we have less then one mouth to pay and we dont have all the money yet.

But a friend that is helping us heared about FFF and sent an email telling about our story and than contacted me, telling FFF would be intressted in helping. So we sent emails to each other to tell more about the details and talked on the phone.

In the end FFF decided to help us. I really think that is a great deal, no matter how the get the money. what matters is that they get it in a honest way, they dont do nothing bad to anyone and they use the money for trying to save our planet, it makes diference.


And it is a big deal to help that indian community because the lived there since generetions ago, and they live with what they get from nature, they plant what they need to eat, they are fishing, the hunt just to eat, so the need the forest and the forest needs them.

Cause they know how to live in harmony with nature, they preserve the nature because they know that their own life is depending on it. The tribe there is a mix between Wapixana and Macuxi indias, and after we payed for the land where they live, that land will belong to the comunity and it will be indian area, so it means they are protect by the laws, no one can cut down trees or pollute the rivers at that area.



So the FFF will send the money we need to pay the second part of the land about 22.000 euros to buy an area of 5.300 squares kilometers. And now we are waiting for the money arrived to finish to pay it and give the papers of the land to the indias community. And at later the people of FFF will come here to know the people and land that they helped.

FuckForForest visit

Begining of 2010 FFF went to Brazil to see how the two new supported projects where going and if they might could work together on a bigger mission.

Arriving in Boa Vista Leona, Tommy & Natty stayed with Valeska and went with her and her father for some days to the indian community that by now was legally allowed to stay there. Its a very small community living without electricity in the middle of the high lands of the northern Brazilian Amazon with a special kind of vegetation.

There the people live at the land that borders to other official indian reserves, so the nature around is protected. The indians grow wild coffee plants in between the big trees, but just enough to trade with other communities against things that they dont have in the area.

Kind of strange is how the people in Brazil "protect" "their" indians. If we think about that once the people from Europe came to Brazil, where they found people living in a rich natural paradise and now the indigenous people live in "reserves" that are partly (not the one we supported) "protected" by military police that takes care so no alcohol or stranger without a permission enter the area.


Before 1500, there were approximately 6 million native people living in Brazilian Amazonia. By 2000, there were less than 250,000. Since 1970, over 700,000 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest have been destroyed. Lands like this one just become over night an rice farm.

So all the indians living there are banned to move to the citys where many of the end up addicted to alcohol.

Missionarys are entering even in the deepest jungle telling the indians that are since generations living in balance with the forest, how they live is worg and needs to be civilized.


Who actually needs to be taken care of here?

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