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FuckForForest donated in Total:  97000 Nok

  • 07.11.2013:  97000 NOK For helping Saphichay to buy a piece of land to start there project on.


We lost contact with them after we donated money but we know they are still active working for indigenous traditions and rights.


Preserve indigenous culture and traditions


Saphichay in Quechua means hechando raíces putting out roots. This word embodies exactly what we are doing as an organization.

While it is Saphichay's goal to help create and support cultural centers that focus on the preservation and revitalization of local indigenous traditions of all countries we must start somewhere. Saphichay is birthing its first cultural center in Peru. We are currently looking for the land to start some of our first workshops around traditional building and agricultural techniques.

Our indigenous cultures have often been kept and shared orally to continue honoring this tradition we are honored to hold a space where community members of different indigenous groups can come together and share in the exchange of their traditional ways. This exchange is an opportunity to learn and celebrate our commonalities and differences. These exchanges will also help us as a global community find strength in knowing that we have brothers and sisters all over the country and world practicing, preserving and thriving through traditional living. Being able to share these experiences within the family, community and world of what our family across the land and the seas is doing is part of the movement of unification.


Get more info from there web page:

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