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Lemurian Embassy

FuckForForest donated in Total: 183680 Nok

  • 27.02.2014: 183,680 NOK For buying the land next to Lemurian Embassy for protection and reforestation.

  • 21.03.2016: Borrowed 5000 USD to Lemurian Embassy funder Guillermo Alarcon


This was maybe not our best pick of project but we had hopes and dream to work together but then Guillermo Alarcon left his dream and us with it. To become a nerd in Japan, still love him. 


Lemurian Embassy - a eco village in the Yucatan forest. 


A friend from the trance scene Guillermo Alarcon had started a project in the jungle of Yucatan, Mexico.  He asked us for help after we visited his project. He wanted to protect his project from mining industry. That he claim was going to buy the land next to his project space. What would destroy all the forest and wild life around.   

FuckForForest decided to help him out, with buying the land next door the 27.02.2014 for 183680 NOK

FuckForForest also borrowed the Lemurian Embassy founder Guillermo Alarcon money to be able continue working with the Lemurian in a time of crises 21.03.2016:  5000 USD ( That he very slowly are paying back now)


There is an increase and urgent need of sustainable human settlements around the world, Eco Villages can provide environmental awareness, spiritual sustainability, enhancing the quality of life.

Our goal creating the Lemurian Embassy is to create a safe and sustainable environment to co-create a harmonious channel to manifest and host Holistic approaches enhancing the quality of life, the revival of indigenous practices and traditions, having a more intimate relationship with our food utilizing conscious permaculture technologies and practices, reuniting people and returning to nature without taking more than what she can offer. 

By Co-Creating a more harmonious community, we can restore and balance the Earth, creating environmental art, renewable energy systems, common wealth economies, ecological natural building without an impact in the environment, building effective leaderships, understanding deep ecology methods and designing and paving the road towards a more creative and conscious transition into a new world.

Lemurian Embassy project consist of 20 Hectares of private property, filled with an abundance of medicinal and edible plant species, our goal is to protect the area and turn it into an ecological reservation, creating a safe heaven for animals and plants. 

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