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Agreement form and rules for becoming a FFF erotic activist

Thank you for becoming a erotic nature activist for

You are a erotic ecological superhero!  

Without your help, FuckForForest could not exist. 

To become a erotic activist and donate erotic material to - there are 5 rules to follow.

  1. You need to be over 18 years old and agree having your photos or videos on FuckForForest web pages. You decide for how long - FuckForForest do NOT own the right to your material. You can remove the material whenever you like.

  2. ​FuckForForest is a project working with sex and nudity. The photos, blogs or videos you upload to FuckForForest webpages should contain either of this. 

  3. You are responsible for everything you upload.

  4. You, the uploader, are responsible that everyone in the photos/videos are 18 years old, or older and want their photos or videos on FuckForForest web pages. (see # 5).

  5. If you upload photos or video of you and/or other people, You always have to take a photo of their id-cards, Id- card next to face and a photo from them holding up a paper saying "I donate to FuckForForest" and the date. Then send it all to including their e-mail. (FuckForForest will then send them a free password to FuckForForest member pages.) 

FuckForForest sometimes uses donated photos to promote the webpages - but we only use photos where you can not see face, tattoos or other marks or jewelry. If you are ok with showing your face on photos for promotion - please let us know.

Date and place:

Full name:

Your activist name on FuckForForest:

Name and signature:

Let us together create a greener and sexier planet!

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