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About FFF & erotic activism.


We cum to save Earth!


What is 
Fuck For Forest?

The worlds first true erotic ecological project!
Defining ecophilia - since 2004.
Seduction against destruction!



Fuck For Forest - is not a commercial erotic website.

FFF is a ecological organisation - creating excitement for ecology.

Climate change and nature destruction has not changed the values of humanity too much. We are not allowed to be natural & naked - and we need to hide when we make love. Nature destruction, strangely, still seems to be allowed. This could be the root problem of many psychological problems towards existence. What is destructive behavior? Nature destructive industries proudly promote their actions as a form of positive progress - and we allow them to do so. In this world, even war could seem more "normal" than public nudity. We could get very confused about what is really right and wrong or good and bad. If it is not hurting anyone - why is it forbidden? And if it destroys our planet - how can we allow this?

Our bodies is considered offensive - while a car is a necessary transportation device.

Censorship agains our bodies and sexuality is the worst kind of censorship ever imposed upon the human race. It is a censorship agains our nature. We see trash, pollution and destroyed nature. Are we really more offensive in our natural form?

We need laws against our nude bodies? Could this be a source problem in our disconnection to nature? Why have we become the most destructive animal on our planet? No other animal is afraid of nudity and love making as us - and no other animal is so destructive against their own ecosystem. As above - so below.

FFF is an ecological organization - with a sexy touch. The money you donate to our project - is for us to support ecology and nature protection. We are not “actors” that is paid to do what we do. We are kinky ecological activists and lovers - who really care for nature. This is ecology and body liberation - ALL IN ONE! We think the double moral standards of human values is part of destroying our planet, and FFF is our voice agains this values. 

Saving the planet IS sexy!

Fuck For Forest is founded in 2004 in Norway - and have now over 8,000 erotic nature lovers and activists who decided to share their bodies and love - for fun, freedom and forests.

Everyone over 18 years of age is welcome to share his or her love - in the way they feel like it should be shown.. We do not prefer any special body type or sexual orientation. In fact - Fuck For Forest does not choose people - people choose us. Become a erotic

Has humans made climate change finally made it so hot - that we could be allowed to take your clothes off? 


Watch real Eco-Porn!
For a greener and sexier planet.


More than 37,400 species are threatened with extinction
According to IUCN Red List

The International Union for Conservation of Nature declared 15 species extinct in 2020

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