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KARG - Kyiv animal rescue group

  • 2022: 2500 NOK 

FuckForForest had a special campaine April - June 2022 where all new members signing up using the 20$ option got collected for a project that work with animals trapped in the war in Ukraine. Finally FuckForForest with some help of the members picked a project to donate the collected 200$.

We hope that they can use the money to do some good stuff with the money and inspire people !

KARG- Kyiv animal rescue group

FuckForForest donated in Total:


Kyiv Animal Rescue Group


Kyiv Animal Rescue Group is a team of volunteers with wide experience in industrial alpinism, professional digging and climbing. We have teamed together to save animals from emergencies in our native city. 
Since 2014 we saved thousands of animals both home pets and strays. Our rescued animal range expanded from usual city animals like cats, dogs to wild creatures such as moose, deer, endangered predator birds and our location range from Kyiv to other regions in Ukraine.
We'd like to emphasize that we are NOT government provided service - we exist purely on charity.

Karg on Patreon

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