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Eco village Arco Iris

FuckForForest donated in Total:  50000 Nok

  • March 2012: 50000 NOK To help them make the eco village sustanable


It is hard to keep a dream of a eco community stay alive and alive. We no longer suport this project but we knowe they are still active fb: arcoiris.iquitos


Eco village Arco Iris - Iquitos - Peru 


We are an International Ecological Rainbow Community dedicated to living in a self- sustainable way in peace & harmony with Mother Nature. As an open circle of brothers & sisters, all are welcome to join the family, share their unique gifts & essence with the whole, & co-create ONE TRIBE of many colors.

We have 80 hectares of abundant rainforest, made up of 3 main landscapes. The primary forest, which constitutes 65 hectares of the land, is an area of conservation and protection. Here the natural ecosystem is free to function in a balanced state, without the influence of human activity. The “Purma” (10 hectares) is land previously cultivated & then abandoned, where now grow several pioneer species of trees and plants. Our goal is to reforest 8 hectares of this land by planting a variety of native tree & plant species in order to help recreate the original jungle setting. The remaining 2 hectares of the purma are dedicated to the creation of an edibale forest. The community space (3 hectares) is the area in witch we live and cultivate food & medicinal plants. This includes several malokas (traditional wooden thatched-roof houses), a large communal, a large communal kitchen & eating area, 2 dormitories, a retreat house, and a multi-disciplinary sacred space for spirituality and celebration. We are cultivating, in small scale, several varieties of food, such as fruit trees, sugar cane, yucca, corn, bananas, pineapples, vegetables, taro, and palm fruits.


Perma Culture and Sustainability

Permaculture is a system of design witch uses the inherent quality of native species combined with the natural characteristics of the landscape to create a sustainable & harmonious way of life. The focus is to create ecologically adapted & economically viable system witch provide all the basic necessities without exploiting or contaminating the environment . Permaculture is based on the observation of natural systems, traditional farms of agriculture, & modern scientific knowledge & technology. The ethic of permaculture is care for the Earth, to care for the people, and to share resources, time & money.

In our Permaculture design, there are elements we would like to improve, and others we would like to implement.

Elements to Improve

Compost + Greenhouse + Compost toilet + House for sugar Cane Mill + Water system (irrigation, drainage, well, filters, rainwater collection)


Elements to Implement

Alternative Energy (Solar, Hydro, Bicycle, Magnetic)

For us to use in water pump, blender, food processor, tools + Tree nursery (reforestation & edible forest) + Handcraft workshops & Ceramic Oven + Carpentry workshop + Tool house + Seed bank + Solar oven + Sun drier (for fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants) + Extractor for Coconut Oil (and other oils) + Water ponds & artificial lake (to improve Biodiversity)

Our goal is to implement these different aspects of permaculture into our community, creating a balanced & harmonious way of life witch is sustainable in the long term.

Eco Education

One of our missions of our eco-village is to help the local families become more conscious & aware of the impact their way of life has on the environment, to move sensitive & respectful to the land, plants & animals with witch we live. In the area where we live, the local farmers currently use the slash and burn method of clearing the jungle and preparing the land for cultivation. After 3-5 years of crop production, the soil (witch has not been cared for) is drained of nutrients and unable to support more crops. More precious jungle is then cut & burned, to create more land for another cycle of short-term cultivation. Very quickly, the jungle is being destroyed.

One of our aims of our eco-Village is create a prototype of caring crop cultivation, sustainable in the long-term, which can be implemented by local farmers. By helping to change the manner of cultivation, we share the opportunity to live in sustainable way, while saving & protecting the Mighty Forest.

Another problem in the area is the excessive & indiscriminate hunting of wild life, in many cases almost to the point of extinction. As vegetarians and defenders of animal rights, we want to educate families on consequences of this unconscious way of hunting. We feel that the ultimate solution is to become vegetarian, viewing animals as our brothers and sisters, not for money or food, but we are aware that this process will take time. The first step in this change is to bring in specialists of different disciplines to tech families a more sustainable way of hunting, & to implement alternative methods of food production, such as raising animal.

Central to our goal of raising awareness thru education is teaching the children – the seeds of our future – a better way thru example, workshops, handbooks, manuals, drawings, books & Videos, we aim to share a path of higher consciousness with our young brothers and sisters. Together, we can create a future where we humans take our place in the great circle of life, and live in harmony & peace with all the children of our beautiful mother earth.

Thank You for helping us to manifest our dreams and continue this mission of sharing this wonderful world of abundance and beauty in peace, harmony, love, & freedom. Join us & enjoy this organic Infinite Circle of light & unconditional love


Webpage blog: Facebook: Arco Iris Iquitos

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