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FuckForForest online shop - Eco Erotic

This is our first test with a print on demand shop, we still do not know how print look like, because the custom of Mexico stole that we ordered 2 times. If any one order please let us know if the quality is good!

Skärmavbild 2021-05-30 kl. 10.51.31.png

What we have at home!

Poster     15 $

The first original FuckForForest t-shirt and posters was designed by our friend Isabella

For a signed FuckForForest poster by Tommy & Leona founders of FuckForForest  (size 30 x 39 cm)


Unclean untill the night card     15 $

Smeared with menstrual blood from one of FuckForForest sexy activists


Skärmavbild 2021-05-30 kl. 11.52.15.png
Used underwear    20 $

Leona is also selling used underwear or socks or other used clothes. Leona do not normally use underwear be course she find it kind of unhealthy and can lead to fungi. So there for they are used for maximum 3 days


Private erotic cam  30 $  or 20 $ if you are a FFF member

Both Leona and Tommy have their own 20 min Erotic cam show.

Let us know your intrested and book and appointment :) 


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