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FFF 20 years

Time just goes by. We are entering 2024 with war and biodiversity loss and a growing human population. It is not easy times to stay horny and sexy. FuckForForest have 20 years birthday this year, feels like yesterday. We been thinking about making a a 20 years jubilee party in Berlin this summer proberbly in June, still a bit in the air. Kit Kat Club have giving us a ok for making it there, we just need to putt together a creative team. We have not been in Germany for many years and most our FFF friends have moved away.


Thank you every one that been supporting FuckForForest with photos and videos and our loyal members that been with us for years. Love you all!  Hope to see you all in 2024, maybe the last year we have together before the infrastruction that keep us connected still is working.


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