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Tommy Rip update

For you that been wandering what happened. It is still a bit like walking in the fog looking for clues. But in the end it was the hart that could not keep up and Tommy died from a hart attack. His beautiful vessel of body that we know so well on FuckForForest, is still in a fridge in Mexico. Waiting for kremation but as his passport is mysteriously not in his house. Suspecting the police to have taken it when the marched into his house and trashed the hole place. We are struggling to get his body, Byrocracy at its best.

But as soon as we get it out we will have a small good by ceremony for the body and cremation and after a party for his life in the place he died.

Thank you every one that been helping with money 

On the 16 June is Tommys birthday, let’s celebrate his life and remember all the good times. 

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