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Welcoming new activist

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Camille Sauvage :

Hello all, I live in a very green region in the center of France where forests get distroyed more and more savagely. People try to struggle against it but the industry is going even faster the last years and activists have to face control and repression. It's a beautifull place, full of wild rivers collecting water for almost the entire country, with many people who want to resist and an old spirit of rebellion still living there. We dream of the abollition of private property for the forests in our territory, in a way to protect them in common, to live while taking care of water and nature that surround us and end with the depredation of natural resources that spoils our lives. In this chaotic end of the world, I want to share my pain, admiration and love for the holy beauty of nature.

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